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27 June 2023
University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
Male Mental Health: An Interdisciplinary Symposium

A Word/Music/Image Event

Organiser: Dr. Lorraine Ryan

Date and Venue: Tuesday, 27th June, 

Strathcona G18 (Lecture Theatre 1)


Male mental health is one of the most pressing social problems both in the UK and internationally. Statistics reveal that men are less likely to disclose mental health problems, and that men, aged between 40-49, have the highest suicide rates in the UK. The admission of Prince Harry´s mental health problems, as well as sporting stars, such as Rafa Nadal and Andrés Iniesta, have destigmatised this affliction while simultaneously legitimising a new model of sentient manhood. This symposium is a gathering of a wide range of experts, historians, cultural studies scholars and a leader in the charity sector, who will provide insights into male mental health as a socio-historical, psychological and cultural phenomenon, which will generate a nuanced comprehension of this issue.

Closed since 27 June 2023
Location Strathcona Building G18
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